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          Church Location:
          230 Humphries Road
          Mt Pritchard NSW 2177
          Postal Address:
          (See on Google Map)
          Mass Times
          Saturday Vigil: 5.00 pm
          Sunday: 7.30 am;9.00 am Italian;10.30 am;4.00 pm Vietnamese ;5.30 pm English
          Saturday: 8.00 am
          Easter Mass Times
          Good Friday:
          Good Friday Passion:
          Holy Saturday:
          Easter Sunday:
          More Mass Times
          Parish Priest - Rev Anthony Fregolent CS PP

          Assistant Priest - Rev John Mello CS

          Assistant Priest - Rev Syrilus Madin CS

          Tel:(02) 9610 1025
          Fax: (02) 9610 0555
          Email: info@

          Archdiocese News

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            April 17, 2019 |The president of France and the archbishop of Paris will rebuild France's "Christian heart".
          1. “The greatest way to spend time this side of heaven”

            April 16, 2019 |A group of Catholic students at UTS began their 2019 university year by spending a weekend away with God.
          1. Inspirational priest is 95 not out

            April 16, 2019 |Why is Monsignor William Mullins, who recently turned 95, still working for the Church he loves?
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